Pioneer Patti


We have some very exciting news to share!  After a year, 10 offers on 10 different properties, selling everything we owned to live in a one bedroom apartment, and a whole lot of praying…WE FINALLY PURCHASED A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF LAND!  I cannot even try to explain how we ended up here, except to say that it was 100% divine intervention.  There is just no earthly way that this could have happened without His help.

As we embark on this grand adventure, I thought that I would share my trials and tribulations through a blog dedicated to my tireless effort to become a modern day Pioneer Woman.  It will be a wonderful existence of living as one with the land.  The picturesque panorama that includes my ponies grazing in the pasture, chickens pecking easily at the ground, fruits and veggies popping up from the fertile soil, beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets.  You know, pretty much heaven right here on earth.  Of course, I must focus on the beautiful because there is no water, no power and no septic!  This will be a pioneer adventure in the truest sense!  There is a building that will become a home…some day…not today…but someday…

Until such time that we actually have a home,  will be homesteading out of our 27′ Fifth Wheel.  27 feet sounds like a pretty glamorous size for the weekend camper.  Truth be told, we were stoked to go from our tent trailer to something so big!  However, as a full time residence that 27 feet is probably going to feel like a prison cell once the novelty wears off…which will likely occur the first rainy day!

Without power, water or septic, we will have to make some accommodations in order to turn this old timey homestead into a modern hobby farm type homestead with all the needed conveniences…you know…like a house…water…electricity…aka.. luxuries!  Gona be a breeze, right? Water is our first priority and it will be by far the easiest of all of our tasks.   I mean you put a tank in the bed of your truck and fill it with fresh water and bring it home.  Easy peasy!  I promise that the fact that the horses are going to require nearly 1400 gallons a month is not going to get annoying.  After all, I do love them.  That may become my mantra…”I love my horses, I love my horses, I love my horses” I won’t utter one cross word about my horses and their incessant need for fresh water…I promise.  I cannot promise, however,  that I won’t get upset with Todd or Kodee for playing fast and loose with our water supply by running the water while brushing their teeth, leaving half a glass lying around or the even more annoying…spilling it for no good reason!

Our initial power supply will consist of a solar unit that will keep all of our modern day conveniences functioning.  It should operate the must haves like TV and computer and internet…because I am a homesteader not a freak, I need my Netflix! Because there is no reason that one cannot be both a pioneer woman and a princess, we will have a generator that will run my much needed AC because I melt if it is over 80 degrees!

And finally, the crappy part of homesteading…literally! Poo…what do we do with poo?  I have researched all kinds of great options, well, I thought they were great until I realize that no matter how you “off the grid” it, you are going to have to deal with your own waste. For instance, composing toilets make humanure.  Humanure…this is seriously a thing?  You put human manure in the garden and then eat the veggie…NO THANK YOU! Since I am not a fan of poo (I mean, is anyone really a fan of poo), I would like to not have to deal with it at all.  But, alas, we must find a way to dispose of the rv sump with the least amount of gagging as possible!  I got a great plan for a hand dug RV septic, but apparently that it not legal so I will have to find another way to deal with the waste!  I might just dig myself a cute little outhouse…there are lots on Pinterest after all!

woman-firewood                                    I am told that cow manure burns really hot and can keep a house toasty warm…I will remember this if I end up with a house and a cow!

For now, we are optimistically oblivious to the pain and suffering that lays ahead! For instance, I haven’t given any thought to the fact that our shower and toilet occupy about 9 total square feet!  I have not considered the logistics of running my office off of my very small kitchen table.  Not glancing thought about downsizing from out wonderful king size bed to a camper size queen.  No dishwasher…I am not even thinking about it!  As far as I am concerned, this is just a camping adventure on steroids.  But, if you happen to drive by our place and see me in the field curled into the fetal position and rocking one of Kodee’s chickens back and forth, just know that I went into this with the best of intentions!


This will be a grand adventure that hopefully is filled with way more laughs than tears, but I shall do my best to share our experience in a very real and lighthearted way!

I wanted to take a modern date interpretation of American Gothic…it is what modern day people call a fail!  But, we should get bonus points for having the stall fork in the background!


Enjoy a few pictures of the Marcotte Homestead!

Stay tuned for our first adventure…building horse and chicken pens and moving us and our critters out to the homestead!



Just in case I get any delusions that I can actually make a living at this homestead thing! Plus, it is good to know that a 3 legged tractor is totally doable!

Finally, please remember that every time you use me to help you buy or sell your home, you are helping me to build mine!  Thank you!

Want to follow me on this crazy adventure?  


One thought on “Pioneer Patti

  1. You 3 are gonna rock this, I look forward to hearing the storys, we are two years in and I still love it, alot of work but worth the peace it brings, Best of luck and call if you need some pointers


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