About Me

Welcome to my little blog.  I started writing about my crazy life when I went stark raving mad and purchased 11 acres of undeveloped land in Northeastern Washington.  We had this crazy idea, my husband and I, to buy some land cheap and then build a home ourselves and out of pocket.  Our ultimate goal is to have alittle homestead that we built and be debt free.  It was a great plan, but like all great plans it didn’t exactly go they way it should.

As the time passes and life gets in the way of building progress, I find inspiration to write in many different areas.  Because our life consists mainly of surviving the homestead, showing horses and trying to keep two businesses afloat…that is what I mostly share.

Many goal with my ramblings is to give a little insight to our crazy life while keeping humor front and center.  Please don’t take anything I say too seriously, the whole idea is to be as silly and fun as possible.  After all, with the life I have chosen humor is often the single thing that keeps me out of a padded room.

Thanks for reading!